Race Day Information

Start Times

(corral starts will be adjusted depending on event numbers)

Marathon 7:30 AM Yonge St and Sheppard Ave
Half-Marathon Walk 8:00 AM Yonge St and Sheppard Ave
Half-Marathon Run 8:30 AM Yonge St and Sheppard Ave
10K Run 8:00 AM Queen Elizabeth Building
5K Run/Walk 8:20 AM Queen Elizabeth Building
Check Cut-off times below    



Participants are responsible for arriving at the start line at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start. There is access to the start area by private vehicle or taxi with plenty of paid parking available in nearby parking lots.  It is strongly recommended that if coming from downtown that you order a shuttle bus ticket.

Public Transit

Please be advised that TTC subway service begins at 8:00 AM on Sundays. TTC surface routes operate on regular Sunday hours. The 320 Yonge route operates every 3-4 minutes to the Marathon and Half Marathon start lines. Check the TTC website for further information.


Be advised that road closures are in effect beginning at 6:30 AM.

Parking near the Marathon and Half Marathon start line can be found at the Yonge Sheppard Centre, located on the northeast corner of Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue. Parking Entrance is located on Greenfield Avenue and Doris Avenue.

Exhibition Place Parking: Enercare Centre – enter from Canada Blvd. at the East end for underground parking. Or use lot on the East side of BMO Field (Lot 853)  for above ground parking. Arrive early to avoid road closures and delays. Parking fee May 3rd & 4th $13.00, and on May 5th $18.00. The Queen Elizabeth Building and finish line is just a short walk west of BMO Field.

Buses to Start (Marathon & Half Marathon only)

Transportation to the Start line will be available for participants who purchased a shuttle ticket. The shuttle is only for those running the Marathon or Half Marathon. The ticket will be printed on the front of your bib. Buses depart from the following locations from 5:45 a.m. to 7:10 a.m. The shuttle from the Hilton and Exhibition Place takes approximately 40 minutes to reach the Start Area. 

1. Hilton Hotel: 145 Richmond St. at University Ave. (Marathon & Half Marathon only)

2. Exhibition Place: Hotel X 111 Princes’ Blvd.  (Marathon & Half Marathon only)

You MUST show your bib to board (bus pass is printed on the front of your bib) Don’t wait until the last minute. Look for the Yellow School Buses. Don’t stress if ticket is not on your bib, our bus attendants will have a list of those who purchased tickets.

Bus Shuttle Tickets must be purchased by April 15th.  (unless you purchased the SMB option)

If you purchased the Ship My Bib (SMB) Option, you will not be able to make any changes to your entry after April 1st. The bus ticket is printed on the bib, as well as other information. Changes after April 1st can only be made during kit pick-up on Friday or Saturday at the Queen Elizabeth Building.

Transportation After the Race 

Public transit is available a very short walk from the finish line.  For more information, please go to TTC.

Back this year! A free shuttle service for participants only; to University and Richmond (Hilton hotel, Osgood subway station) beginning at 9:30 AM.  Pick-up on Princes’ Blvd in front of the Barracks, just west of Hotel X, and East of the finish line.

Bag Check  & Toilets

Please keep bag size to no more than 20″ x 15″.

Please bring your own bag if you wish to check items before the race. Attach the tag provided on the bottom of your bib to your bag for proper identification. Do not pack valuables. Your bag will be waiting for you inside the Queen Elizabeth Building. We strongly suggest that you pay attention to the weather, and pack clothes accordingly. Be vigilant! Should you notice anything suspicious, notify a race official or police immediately. We reserve the right to search all bags before transporting.

Marathon and Half Marathon

Located: On Harlandale Ave. Just North of Sheppard Ave on the West side of Yonge St.

Marathon: Truck departs at 7:00 AM Sharp!

Half Marathon: Truck departs at 8:00 AM Sharp!

Bags will NOT be transported to finish area after these times.

Toilets: Located on Harlandale Ave. at the start line, and inside the Yonge Sheppard Centre directly across the street. The Yonge Sheppard Centre will be open at 6:00 AM for the pleasure of our participants.

5K and 10K Bag Check

Located: Inside the Queen Elizabeth Building. Bags MUST be checked by 7:45 AM.

Tip – Attach the tag to your bag prior to leaving your home/hotel.

Important Safety Note

For the safety of all participants, we strongly recommend against wearing iPods or similar audio devices that inhibit your ability to hear surrounding sounds. This is a danger to fellow participants and yourself if you cannot hear direction from a race official, event participant, or emergency vehicles.

Discarded Clothing

If you need to discard clothing while you’re running, please move towards the curb lane and throw towards the sidewalk just before you get to an Aid Station. This will prevent fellow participants from tripping on your clothes, and will make it much easier for our team to collect. All discarded clothing will be donated to charity.


Tracking is available by SportStats. Please use the links below to track your run.


For Android: TBA

To track a runner:  TBA

Time Limit (Cut-off)

Participants in the Marathon must reach the 26.5Km (Fleet St.)  water station by 11:15 AM, or face removal from the course. The course will close at 6 hours (1:30 PM).

Participants in the Half Marathon will have 3.5 hrs to complete (12:00 noon) 

Start Corrals

The corral that you chose at registration is printed on the front of your bib. Your timing tag is activated when you cross the start line. Our Corrals use the “honour system” look for the corral signs held by our volunteers. Expect 10 minutes between corral starts. 

Pace bunnies will be in their respective positions corresponding to the corrals times. 

Marathon   Half-Marathon  
Elite (Red) Sub 2:30 Elite (Red) Sub 1:15
Sub Elite (Yellow) Sub 3:10 Sub Elite (Yellow) Sub 1:35
Competitive (Blue) Sub 3:35 Competitive (Blue) Sub 1:47
Preferred (Green) Sub 4:00 Preferred (Green) Sub 2:00
Open (Orange) 4:00+ Open (Orange) 2:00+

Aid Stations

Aid stations provide water, electrolyte and toilets approximately every 2.5 km to 3.5km, and at the Start and Finish Lines.  If you are in distress, please inform a race official immediately.

There are no Gels on the course. 

Number Km  Water Nuun   Group
1 Start Water electrolyte   B’nai Brith
2 3k Water     North York Rotary
3 6k Water electrolyte   D’ornellas Bike Shop
4 8k Water electrolyte   Second Front / Bnai Brith
5 10.5k Water     Habitat for Humanity
6 13k   Bananas   Bishop Strachan School
  13.5k Water electrolyte   Bishop Strachan School
7 8k (Half) Water     Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
8 15.5k Water electrolyte   Front Runners
9 17.5k Water    

Canadian Mental Health Association /

The Runners Shop

10 21k Water electrolyte   George Brown / CHARTWELL
11 24k Water electrolyte   91 Running Club / Running Room
12 26.5k Water     SickKids Foundation
13 27k/41k Water electrolyte   Race Crew
14 30.5k/40k Water     Pride Run
15 34k/37k Water electrolyte   Second Front
16 Finish Water     Race Crew

The Course

The 1st mile, every 5th mile, and each km are marked in the Marathon and Half Marathon. Clocks will be located at the Start, halfway point of the Marathon, and Finish Line. The Marathon markers are blue and the Half Marathon markers are orange. The Marathon course will close at 6 hours. Each KM is marked in the 5k and 10k courses. Medical teams are located along each course. Race marshals will pull any person running without a bib off the course. We urge paying participants to discourage anyone from participating unofficially.

Maps: Know your course. Click here for race route maps.



Entertainment will be provided at select locations along the course to help keep you motivated and get you to the finish line. If you know of a band, or entertainer who may be interested in supporting a great cause, please email info@torontomarathon.com

Finish Area (Queen Elizabeth Building)

Remember to smile and keep your hands away from your bib number as you cross the finish line for your official picture by MarathonFoto! Bib numbers need to be clearly visible so that you can be identified.

After you cross the finish line, proceed to the end of the chute as quickly as possible. The Recovery Area located inside the building has lots of options to help you replenish from hydration to protein, and carbs. The Massage (RMT) and Physio team is located inside for Marathoners and Half Marathoners only. Participants may be asked to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask to get a massage. Our medical team is on hand to assist any participant in need.  

Marathon Swag: Our marathon store will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for some great marathon merchandise.

The Family Reunion area will be located outside the Queen Elizabeth Building on the East side. Only race participants and officials are permitted inside the Queen Elizabeth Building on race day.

Please do not carry or run with your infant child on the course or prior to crossing the finish line. This presents a hazard to your child, yourself and all participants. Participant safety is paramount and doing this will result in disqualification.